In my Father's house are many mansions:
if it were not so, I would have told you.
I go to prepare a place for you.
— Jesus

    Each night as our bodies fall asleep, our soul and soul consciousness can travel to etheric realms for tutoring, strengthening and inspiration. In this “realm of ideas” that Plato spoke of, we find etheric retreats and cities of astounding beauty, as perceived by Thomas Cole in his painting Youth: The Voyage of Life. Known of mystics of old and remembered by many people who have had near-death experiences, these retreats vibrate at a higher frequency and cannot be seen by the untrained physical eye, even when they are congruent with their physical surroundings.



     In this heaven world, angels, masters,Elohim, buddhas and many beings of light reside. We find souls of departed love ones who train for reembodiment. A representation of children waiting to be born and training for their earth mission in a heavenly temple of learning is beautifully portrayed in the 1940’s movie, "The Bluebird of Happiness," starring Shirley Temple.

    Etheric retreats and cities fulfill the realization of the New Jerusalem seen by John the Beloved, and become a lodestone to anchor the consciousness of the City Foursquare on earth. The concept of universal Brotherhood permeates every relationship and divine love, wisdom and power are expressed through compassion, mutual respect and goodwill. In this octave, we know that “we are Gods,” as the scriptures state, manifestations of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti. We express our divine origin and prepare for permanent reunion with God in the ritual of the ascension.

And once again the scene was chang’d,
New earth there seem’d to be,
I saw the Holy City
Beside the tideless sea;
The light of God was on its streets,
The gates were open wide,
And all who would might enter,
And no one was denied.
No need of moon or stars by night,
Or sun to shine by day,
It was the new Jerusalem,
That would not pass away.

— Frederick Weatherly
Original black and white illustration by Gustave Dore

    This website will introduce you to the retreats that have been described through Theosophy and the teachings of the ascended masters. On each page, you will find an original focus for the retreat, along with a description and a simple prayer you can give to attend during sleep. Initially, most people do not remember their retreat experiences, though they may wake up with a new understanding or inspiration. In time, more inner training becomes consciously available upon awakening.

     The side links will take you to the retreats that focus the spiritual ray and strongest vibration for that day. The top links will help you to identify which retreats belong to angels, Elohim and masters. The youth button highlights retreats that specifically minister to children, teenagers, parents and families. The "me" page describes our personal connection to our divine source, as taught in the etheric retreats.

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation.
Neither shall they say, Lo here or lo there!
For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

— Jesus






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